Purini (Fijian Coconut Steamed Pudding)

What homesickness drives Pacific Islanders who are away from the Islands to do! Well, this one anyway!

A layer of butter and accompanied by a hot cup of black tea, I was home!

As my fellow Pacific Islanders, particularly Fijians, living outside of Fiji/Pacific will know, the one thing we miss terribly besides family, is food. We Pacific Islanders LOVE our food! Now, if you're Fijian or have spent time in Fiji, particularly in Fijian villages, you will know Purini. You will find Purini served in functions as an accompaniment to tea, along with cassava cake, bread with butter and jam and so on.

I have enjoyed Purini but it was not something that I particularly sought out. But of course, it's different when you're away from home. Suddenly, you crave for it so badly, you start looking online for recipes (because when you were home, you took it for granted and never bothered to learn how to make it because you were busy baking chocolate cake and cheese cake and other "interesting" desserts). Anyway, I decided to give in to my cravings (like always) and give it a go and the following three days were just a pure delight. Purini for breakfast and afternoon tea and I was briefly back home chatting with family with each bite...
Of course, it didn't taste exactly like the Purini my Bubu (grandma) used to make back home but it was close enough to have the desired effect. I already know what tweaks I would make next time around but ahhh, it was good enough to get me through!


What do you guys crave for and miss the most from home? We would love to hear your stories and how you improvise, like I had to in making my Purini (used a combination of two recipes I found online along with minor tweaks of my own) and use the ingredients available in your local area to whip up dishes that you miss from the islands.