essence all about nude palette review

I really enjoy this eyeshadow palette from essence! Quality-wise, this is a step up from the palettes they used to make!

Bula Everyone!

So for those essence followers out there, you will already know what I just found out - that they seem to have released a new range of the all about eyeshadow palettes so they no longer have this all about nudes palette on their website. Now there are actually 5 palettes. The original selection had 4 palettes when I purchased this all about nudes one and I had gone to actually get the all about chocolates. I ended up not picking it up because the colours were lighter than what I was expecting. Upon swatching, I chose the all about nudes instead because I fell in love with the burgandy shade in it.


Now, as if you're like me and you think nudes in terms of an eye shadow palette, you think that includes browns. As you can see, there isn't a single brown in this palette. You get a silvery champagne colour in the top row, along with a matte soft baby pink (has a satin finish to me) and sheer, shimmery pinky taupe (goes on sheer but in a way that gives a uniform sheen. Soooo pretty!)
The second row starts with a really, truly beautiful pink. I don't see too many warm pinks like this. It's sort of irridecent, looking pastel pink then there's a slight warm gold that reflects off of it. I wish they had made that warm gold stronger as it would've truly made it a unique shade! Next to the pink is the star of the palette, a deep taupe which is incredibly pigmented. I have used this taupe eye look alot! And the last shade is that burgandy that made me buy the palette. It is a beautiful burgandy but it's not as pigmented as I would've liked though you can definitely build it up. For me, the deep taupe and burgandy are not really shimmery. They have a metallic element to them when the light bounces off of them but I've found they can definitely be used as mattes for use in the crease, particularly the burgandy.

You definitely can get a nude/neutral look out of this palette but not if you're thinking of brown nudes look. It will be more of a light, flesh pink sort of nude look, perfect for those of fair skin and pink undertones, tricky for those of medium to dark skin tones. For medium to dark skin tones like me, this is a gorgeous palette for pink-taupe looks. That taupe is unbelievably pigmented!

The shadows are soft in texture and I didn't have problems blending them. There is a mix of finishes  and for the price, it's definitely worth picking up and I will get alot of use out of this.
I will have to check out the new collection because from the pictures on the essence website, it looks like these shadows are in the new all about rose palette. Interestingly, the new all about nudes seems to have browns in it now.



Swatches, no primer
Swatches over primer with flash
Swatches over primer in daylight


I enjoy the packaging, just a simple clear, plastic case, as it's really light so it's so easy to take on the go. I feel that these shadows are a step up for essence from the palettes they used to have so if they keep going down this route, then i'm going to be checking out alot more of their palettes in the future.