Essence The Gel Nails Review

Why I love this nails range from Essence with pictures of the shades I've used so far.

Some of you may know that I'm a big fan of the essence nail products. Here in Switzerland, it is most definitely the most affordable range you can get with prices mainly below 5 swiss francs. But don't let the price fool you. The products are great quality and since trying out essence, I've hardly purchased other brands because it simply does the job for me. I find the polishes to be long-lasting (with base coat and top coat), easy to apply (LOVE the brush) and the selection is huge. When I do purchase from other brands, it's simply when I like a colour and nothing to do with quality as essence has consistently ticked all the boxes for me. And now essence has simply outdone itself with its the gel nail polish range.

Many brands have come out with gel nail polishes where you don't need a LED lamp as you normally would to get gel nails. I haven't tried any other brand so I can't make any comparisons. The essence 'system' is simple: you have a base coat and top coat from the gel nail polish range which you have to use with the gel nail polish colour of your choice. The combination should give you a long-lasting manicure with the gel-like shine that the normal gel nails give.

On me, this combo definitely takes me through the 2 weeks and depending on how much I've been really using my hands, it can even go a few days further. So I can definitely attest to the long-lasting claim. As for the shine, it is definitely shiny and, if done well, can look like you've had your nails done at a salon. However, if you're thinking your nails are going to look like gel nails, they're not. I've used the essence gel nail polish they came out with previously which required a lamp and a manicure from this current range definitely won't look like that. However, you are getting a high-quality looking shine that, as I mentioned before, when done right, looks like you've had them professionally done. And that's great for those like myself who love to do their own nails.

The only thing I would improve about this range is to give the base coat and top coat the same brush as the coloured nail polishes.

This range is most definitely a recommend for me and with prices like that, it doesn't get better than this! 

Above is No.55 Be Awesome Tonight after application

Above is No.55 Be Awesome Tonight at about 2 weeks later. You can see the manicure just grew out and apart from some minor chipping at the tips, it's more or less intact.

Below are other shades from the range that I've used.

13 Forgive Me (with KleanColor Nail Lacquer 297 Almost Good As Gold)

05 Sweet As Candy

04 Our Sweetest Day