On My Radar

Brands are always coming out with new products, new shades etc. Here's what's on my radar right now.

Brow products!!! If I were given the choice to have only one makeup product on, I would most likely opt for a brow product. I just feel like when your brows are done, you can pretty much be "done". And likewise, if you have all your makeup done but your brows aren't done, then you won't look "done". So I'm always having an eye out for a good brow product, most importantly, a good brow gel to hold them in place all day.
That's why I'm so excited for essence's new eyebrow topcoat waterproof. I've used their regular eyebrow gel for years and it was good but a waterproof one would be even better because it should last longer, right?! I'm currently using their eyebrow powder in brunette which matches me perfectly and is a great powder at a great price so this topcoat should easily go over that to set it.
And I also want to pick up their first (that I've seen) eyebrow gel. It's packaged like their now discontinued gel eyeliner which I loved.


essence is also releasing or has released four new mascaras I'm interested in checking out. I enjoy essence mascaras. I find them overall to be good quality for the price, the original i love extreme (black tube) is still my favourite big-brush mascara for my smokey-eye looks.
Their new forbidden volume range looks really interesting, love the red and black packaging. Also thinking of picking up the new rock 'n' doll mascara.


Also excited about their new lip products, especially the 2in1 lipstick & liner. I'm also going to check out the velvet stick matt lip color range and the glossy stick lip color range. I'm so enjoying the fact that in all three ranges, they have a plum/burgandy shade, which has been appealing to me lately. I also really want to check out the XXXL longlasitng lipgloss matt effect range. It's not a new range but they do have a new shade out called 17 hot brownie. But it's 16 berry cream that I want to check out. I've seen some swatches of it online and it looks gorgeous! And of course, with my lips being prone to dryness, I'm curious about the prettifying lip oils. They're supposed to be moisturizing lip oils enriched with jojoba oil and come in 3 subtle shades.


Other interesting new additions to the essence range include their new mosaic blushes (3 shades), the blush ball, the pure NUDE highlighter and the shape your face contouring palette (2 shades).


So, I'm looking forward to checking out the essence display next time I'm out. If you guys have tried out any of them, let me know what's good. I'm definitely seeing an essence haul coming up!

Check out the essence range here. (This is the main european essence website so some products may not be available yet for those in the US)